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                                SEVERN & AVON VALLEY COMBINED FLOOD GROUP



Mission Statement:

To become a focal point to which the all the resident groups, that join the Severn & Avon Valley Combined Flood Group, can apply the maximum pressure on Local Authorities and Central Government concerning flooding and related issues.


Because of the deafening silence from Central Government and the Tewkesbury Borough Council over flood issues and their reluctance to join the debate, all the residents associations in Tewkesbury have been forced to come together and form the Severn & Avon Valley Combined Flood Group.  We will be bringing pressure to bear from all directions on the authorities concerning flood issues and the building on and near the floodplain.

One of our first priorities is the cleaning out of all the surface water drainage systems, culverts, brooks and streams to bring them back to pristine condition.  This also applies to the sewerage systems.

We will be asking the Tewkesbury Borough Council to provide a time scaled plan by which they mean to complete his task.

Once this has been completed and they are working efficiently we then require a plan from the council to modernise and replace these old systems.

We will be asking the Tewkesbury Borough Council to suspend all unrealised planning applications until such time the infrastructure can be refurbished and then review the situation.

The Tewkesbury bypass, otherwise known as the Tewkesbury Dam needs to be revisited, with the possibility of replacing it with a road on stilts or a series of 5-8 culvert spaced equidistant along the road with a much larger diameter than the existing ones.

Lobby Central Government for an Agency that has a statutory duty to reduce flood risk to people and property and have the final say as to whether large developments can go ahead. (The Environmental Agency has conflicting interests).

It is felt by the Combined Flood Group that flooding issues cross all borders and the group hopes to expand their membership to other residential areas which were flooded up and down the Severn and Avon Valley.

Finally the Severn & Avon Valley Combined Flood Group would like to commend the Tewkesbury Town Council on their approach to the flood issues and to Cllr Vernon Smith for his presentation on the flood plain maps.

If your association would like to join the Severn & Avon Valley Combined Flood Group email the Secretary at nacra.tewkesbury@googlemail.com


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